Invest In Great Start Ups, Without All The Risk.

For decades Venture Capitalists have held a monopoly on the rewards of early-stage investing. We’re talking about billions and billions earned by a very small group of investors. Breaking into that circle is nearly impossible.

We’ve just leveled the playing field.

Now, you can invest in the next wave of great young companies and you can do it without taking a huge risk.

After 12 months our investors have the option of liquidating with a solid return or staying in for the long-haul, betting on the 10x home-run.

What’s more, our fund managers don’t earn any profit until our investors realize a 100% return. That means we’re fanatics about delivering an exceptional return on capital.

If you have at least $5,000, a solid income, and an interest in getting into some of the fastest growing start-ups before they hit the public radar, you’ll definitely want to learn about the Sunray Early Stage Fund. 

Get the overview and learn how we’ve removed the risk of start-up investing. This is a new approach for investors and it’s changing the early-stage investment landscape: